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What businesses have been able to accomplish through our Broker Portal

"In the past three weeks I have purchased 22 leads and secured 6 mortgage sales and 5 insurance sales giving me an income of around £11,000 for a £520 investment"

— Alan from Crieff Financial

"The leads are genuine, real time and of a good quality. More importantly the conversion rates are exceeding our expectations."

— Paul from Friends Capital

I am almost able to place a case before even speaking to the client with the detail gained. Also with the leads being qualified, I have found my contact rates have increased significantly

"I have been exploring the market for a lead generator that I can have confidence in, as I am looking to expand my business. Having worked with quite a few over the last couple of years, I have felt let down by paying, just obtaining a name and number, and not getting much back from it. Since working with Giving Mortgages this has changed. The detail obtained upfront has dramatically helped me work the leads better. I cannot recommend Giving Mortgages enough as their leads have allowed me to move up to the next level"

— Greig Hofbauer from Finance Advice Centre

We generate leads across a series of major marketing platforms

Real time leads

Our portal is always updating throughout the day / evening with brand new customers

After engaging with an advert on one of our major marketing platforms, a prospect lands on our unique mortgage finder tool. This tool captures a huge amount of client information, resulting in a more engaged lead

Pay as you go

Our portal is free to use. Only buy when you want to buy, no obligations or contracts!

With our 'pay as you go' system, simply charge your wallet for as little as £200 then head to the Marketplace to purchase your leads in real time

2-Click purchase

Two clicks and it's yours!

When you see a lead you like, our '2-Click' process allows you to buy it before somebody else does. Once purchased, it will automatically be added to your account with all details, available to you, in full

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Leads enter the marketplace

Leads enter the marketplace via the customer-facing 'Mortgage finder'. The customer must fill in their personal information, including the below:

  • Mortgage information
  • Personal information
  • Contact information
  • Income information
  • Property information

All contact information is validated as they go


Data columns

Most of the columns are self-explanatory, but below are the ones that may require a little more information:

  • Mortgage value: This is the value of the mortgage the customer requires for the property
  • Score: The lead score determines the price of the lead and is based on mortgage value, mortgage type, income multiple, LTV and how far the customer has progressed through the journey
  • Credit status: A full Experian credit report is provided with over 90% of our leads
  • Qualified: Fully qualified leads are where a UK agent has spoken to a prospect confirmed their mortgage details, intent to speak to a broker and the best time to contact

Each data column is sortable


Preview before you buy

To help you decide, you can view key information about the lead, before you buy:

  • Loan amount
  • LTV
  • Credit status
  • Income
  • Location

Like what you see?

Create custom notifications

Be informed when a lead matching your preferences lands in the marketplace

Using the range of custom filters, you can create notifications that suit what you're looking for and only be notified via email when you're ready to buy.


If you have any questions that aren't listed below, please
feel free to contact us any time on contact@givingmortgages.co.uk

What is the cost of Giving Mortgages leads?

The cost of our leads varies depending on several factors, including the value of the mortgage, the type of mortgage, and where the customer is in their mortgage process. Additionally, we have a price decay mechanism that reduces the cost of leads over time.

What is a qualified lead?

All of our leads are qualified through our online process which verifies the prospects details including telephone number and email address. Fully qualified leads are where a UK agent has confirmed the clients mortgage details, intent to speak to a broker and best time to contact.

Are leads exclusive?

Our leads are only sold once, once you buy a lead it is removed from the Marketplace.

Can I buy leads in my area of expertise?

Our process allows you to filter leads to suit your preference. You can filter leads by location, mortgage type, mortgage value, credit status and loan to value.

How do I know when a lead comes in that matches my preferences?

You can set email notifications for when a lead lands in the marketplace matching your preferences.

Are the prospects expecting a call?

Yes, all prospects receive an email when you buy a lead confirming the name and number of the advisor and company that will be calling them.

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